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No risk for you as departures are guaranteed. Commissionable rates. 

Book any of Kompas tours and enjoy:

  • Commission on published rates for most products

  • No deposit at the time of booking

  • Free cancelation or rebooking


Kompas is world-renowned for its escorted tours, the core of its original tourism business.
As the Adriatic ambassador, Kompas has over 70 years of real-life experience on bus and ship, land and sea. This is where Kompas first earned travelers’ confidence and trust, exploring little-known destinations in security and comfort.
From this platform, Kompas became celebrated for memorable cultural tours – famous names and iconic places in Europe’s most spectacular destinations. Choose one country or more, with experienced guides, English, German, French or Spanish speakers, meticulous itineraries, and guaranteed departures, and so choose Kompas.

Every guide, on every tour, is a Kompas ambassador.

New in 2023 - tour of Iceland, Norway, combination of Balkan and Greece

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Kompas cruises in Dalmatia enable your guests to marvel at the spectacular Dalmatian coast with its countless idyllic islands and sleepy fishing villages. 

Experience all the beauty of the Adriatic coast from the best view - aboard a ship with Kompas!

Get the best of both worlds! Combine Kompas Adriatic cruises with pre-cruise or post-cruise tour. 


These VIP private tours are suitable for FIT clients seeking luxurious private getaways.



A portfolio of villas in Croatia and Montenegro. Perfect for everyone looking for secluded retreat, families and groups of friends.

For agent booking of Kompas Villas contact us here!

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One of our core destinations is East Europe and here you can find a line-up of our products. From destination guides to day trips and well-planned group tour itineraries which will take you across Czech Republic and other Eastern and Central European countries. ​

All you needed to know about Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Make Prague, Brno or Karlovy Vary  your base and visit different parts of Czech Republic on day trips

A wide variety of multi-country tours all around the region

If you are searching for something different. The most exciting and unique properties and experiences in Czech Republic.

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